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The Downtown Realty Team is a team of brokers (agents) dedicated to providing a top level service in the Downtown Montreal area. We believe that the key to offering the best possible service in Real Estate in Montreal is to specialise in a specific area. Greater Montreal with its 4 million people is much too large for any one realtor to know.

Realtors in Quebec generally build their business by way of networking and by leaving their business cards with as many people as possible. In fact, nearly all training focuses on making as many acquaintences as possible in all walks of life in order to generate business, regardless of the location of their Real Estate assets. If you know a Realtor, he/she has probably received more training in how to network than in actual Real Estate related topics.

The resulting effect is that that most Real Estate Agents have only superficial knowledge of the neighbourhoods in which they are helping their clients. Networking is so important to most Realtors that it takes priority over learning about the different areas and their respective markets. Most sellers will use a Real Estate agent to sell their property even though he/she has little or no knowledge of the area. Because their experience of the area is very limited, they will have no choice but to rely on collaboration withe other Realtors who DO have a clientele for that area to help sell the property... the thing is that they will rarely admit this to their clients.

The obvious negative impact on the seller is that their broker will not be very prepared against a knowledgeable local real estate agent, and will at best be evens with any random broker. Given that a seller would logically expect their broker to be able to defend the value of their property to potential buyers, this situation is clearly not to the sellers advantage.


For anyone who is not familiar with the Real Estate system in Quebec, here is a quick guide to its inner workings:

Just like in most of the rest of North America, Real Estate brokering is a regulated industry and is based on collaboration between Realtors. Every Realtor has access to other Realtors properties and it is to the buyer's advantage to use a Realtor to represent them as the service is free. The seller pays the commission.

90% of all transactions overseen by Realtors (Estate Agents/Brokers) involve two brokers. One representing the buyer and one representing the seller. This has the advantage that two trained professionals are overseeing the transaction each representing the interests of their respective clients. Both brokers are responsible for their own actions in the same way lawyers are.

This system however, comes with its drawbacks. 'Local' Real Estate offices aren't  very local as realtors working there could have a client base that is completely disconnected from the location of their office. This is the exact opposite to what most people would assume. Most Realtors will work in the Greater Montreal area, a city with a population of 4 million.

Because we believe that most people want Realtors with an good knowledge of their market and their area, we have decided to focus on the neighbourhoods in and around the Downtown core : Ville-Marie (Downtown), Old Montreal (Old Port area), Le Plateau, Griffintown, Westmount, St Henry (Atwater market area), Nun's Island, Verdun and Notre Dame de Grace. With all three of us available 24/7 to answer your questions, there is no doubt in our mind that we are in a much better position to help you invest in Real Estate in the Downtown area than with almost any other Real Estate Broker.

Our marketing is extensively centered on Downtown Montreal which enables us to target clientele looking in that area. Our advertising is very specific and efficient in that we don't do any general advertising but select advertising mediums that promote the up-market and up-and-coming areas of Downtown Montreal to a local, national and international clientel. As a result, almost all our clients and our inquiries are for properties in Downtown Montreal. Our efforts are therefore not diluted between properties all over Montreal.



Currently we are mailing 15,000 brochures around the city's best addresses to advertise our listings to current owners wishing to buy another property. This advertising is also for the tenants who occupy around 50% of all the units in downtown and who are all potential future buyers.
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- Downtown Montreal Condos for sale
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These websites are invaluable and provide our clients with an added visibility of over 4000 visits per month (google analytics verified) and with more than quadruple the inquiries we acheive from the MLS ( and combined.


The decline in the effectiveness of newspaper advertising has lead us to be much more selective in chosing where we decide to advertise on print.

We now advertise on which is the worlds second most visited Real Estate website. Largely UK based, it has a huge overseas following, largely from English Second Language users from Continental Europe and the Middle East who use it as a gateway to find overseas properties.
Remax Number 1 in Real Estate

The website is by far the most visited real estate of all the banners and is also more visited than and This ads reater visibility for our listings and increases the chance of our client's properties being seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

By listing with the Downtown Realty Team your property will appear on the local Remax wesbsite but it will also appear on the international RE/MAX websites.
Open houses in Downtown Montreal with REmax Action and the Downtown Realty Team OPEN HOUSES

The Downtown Realty Team is committed to promote listings by any way possible. Open houses, although less of a means to attracting buyers than a decade ago, are still an effective and important promotional tool. Every month during the high-seasons, we promote our open houses by combining several units and buildings in Downtown at the same time.


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