Why we speclialise in Downtown Montreal

For most Real Estate brokers, merely knowing how to mingle and make lots of acquaintences is enough to make a living. Many of these acquaintences will eventually buy a home from them thanks to characteristics such as friendliness, energy, and trusworthyness. Because such brokers aren't usually actively promoting and marketing an area, they will usually work any mandate to buy or sell regardless of which part of Montreal they have to work in.

This is what at least 90% of all Real Estate Brokers do in Canada.

Then there is the other side of the Real Estate profession which most people know so little about that they usually express surprise when they find out how much more there is to know about Real Estate beyond just liking a house and where the schools are. This part of the industry dominated by Real Estate speclialists.

This kind of knowledge can only come with constant exposure to a specific market. In Montreal, it is impossible to have our level of knowledge of the Downtown area in EVERY area of Montreal. It's hard enough to keep up to date with new information and market changes just in the area in which we operate which counts some 250,000 individuals.

I'm not here to say that one is better than the other for the buyer or the seller. Being able to relate to one's Realtor is very important and this can help deal with what is discribed by many as the most stressful transaction in most people's life.

What we are saying is that we enjoy our work and that our entire team lives and promotes the Downtown Montreal area and is constantly visiting buildings and the various neigbourhoods which is our number one source of information.

If you would like to see what a Broker who speclialises in Downtown Montreal can provide in addition to being friendly, energetic and trustworthy, feel free to call us on 514.979.1976 or email us on

If knowledge is power, then empower yourself for your next Real Estate purchase by contacting the Downtown Realty Team.

Alex Kay has been working in Real Estate sales and marketing for nearly 15 years with more than a decade speclialising in Downtown Montreal. Alex is a Sales and Rental speclialist being very familiar with both markets. With a very friendly approach and a passionate vision of Downtown Montreal, Alex is a classic area speclialist who is well known in the industry. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of the Downtown Montreal Real Estate market, Alex has also written columns for international real estate publications, been interviewed on local TV and has shared his knowledge on a panel on TV.

Susana Stroll has extensive experience in running businesses and real estate investments.  

Her new passion is for being a real estate agent.

She is known for outstanding service, 24/7 availability, personal touches and she always has her client’s interests at heart.

Step by step she will find the perfect home for you or get you the best price for your home.

Michael Martin Downtown Montreal Real Estate specialist for Remax Action Westmount
Michael Martin has been a broker for over a decade. He has lived in Montreal for his whole life and has had the opportunity to develop a large network of clients and contacts. He acquired much of his know how by working with top realtors such as Marie-Yvonne Paint which was an extraordinary opportunity for him to learn about the Westmount market. Michael is a founding member of the Downtown Realty Team and is the primary contact for the team's relationship with Scott McGillivray's  Keyspire group. A nationwide Real Estate investment group that works with individuals wanting to invest in various parts of Canada of which the Downtown Realty Team is their primary contact.

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