1200 De Maisonneuve Residential Luxury Condo building in Downtown Montreal

454 de la Gauchetiere building in Downtown Montreal
The Unity building will appeal to those looking for a classic loft style property which is also in keeping with current trends in terms of internal appearence and finishing.

Typically units in the unity building will be of a high-standard and have either hardwood floors or a polished concrete finish. Worthy of note in this building are the extraordinary windows. The new ones having been crafted at great cost to resemble the older ones from the industrial ear they replaced during the refurbishing of the building in 2005-2006. Although one could be forgiven that these are the originaly windows from this 1920's construction, in fact they were painstainkingly re-created and assembled to current standards with double glazing.

Located in Downtown Montreal's financial district, this building is a few minutes walk from the Stock Exchange building, the heart of the Old Port and a 5 minute walk from the Place des Arts and the Downtown core. McGill University is just over 10 minutes walk. It is possible to walk to the underground city in less than 3 minutes, from there the Downtown core is a 10-15 minute walk through the tunnels which is great for winter time.

Since the units are generaly open plan, making distinctions between 1 and 2 bedroom properties is more difficult. That being said, smaller studio units are genrally sold between $250,000 and $270,000 whereas the one bedroom size units are between $290,000 and $320,000. Larger one bedroom units that are similar in size to two bedroom apartments will sell for between $400,000 and $600,000 with some exceptionally large units going for much more.

Unity building in the International Quarter of Montreal
Court yard in the Unity Building in Downtown Montreal's Financial district

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